Close up on that uppercut

Is it me or are peopke getting beat up more these days?  Videos of people fighting are on the rise lately, and these fights are viscous.  The age of the fighters varies from as young as 11 to 70s and up. Its like the whole world got itself pissed off.  The younger fights are a sight to behold, these kids fight with a killer instinct not seen since the spartans.  Its not just the males, the females are modern day gladiators often times stepping up to men twice their size. I saw one where this girl was protecting her boyfriend/brother/friend/whatever in highschool and took on a guy. I have to admit i thought that was cool. I dated a woman, little younger than me that blasted some guy in the face because he hit her and i thought good for her. Im glad she had the instinct to defend herself. However lately im finding it disturbing how many men and women fights are occuring but thats another blog. One website in particular hosts hundreds of these videos and is pretty much famous for them. Famous to the point that its become a chant. World star hip hop has a new fight video added just about everyday. They have soo many submitted that they take the leftovers and make compilation  videos.  Violence is becoming big business for everyone.  These fights are now encouraged instead of extinguished and sometimes they are organized. I saw one where some 6th  graders or 5th graders…they were small people. Anyways they met up in the bathroom to have a fight.  It was basically a slap fest other than the one kid catching one in the eye but even a fight like this has a star on world star.  Adults can do whatever the fuck, if they want to fight and exploit each other for views thats fine but its a sad day when toddlers are kicking each others ass yelling out worldstar. Now im not blaming world star for the violence, its a choice. Besides if it wasn’t world star it would be youtube, and with youtube you could probably get an ad on your video.  They showcase a lot more than that from talented people doing amazing things, music videos from up and comming musicians as well as videos of culture, politics, and current events.  So no blame is being thrown at them. I bring up world star because world star is showing us the real problem.  A lot of people think if we get a new president and a new financial plan that the country will be better.  There is another problem that is becoming more and more obvious. Society itself is failing and is going to get worse.  We are exploiting each other for views, and turned the youth into either predator or prey.  People dont even help each other anymore. I read a story where a senior got brutally car jacked in detroit in broad daylight. He was soo badly injured he was seen crawling to the otherside of the street and nobody helped. I bet some asshole took their phone and recorded it though. Has it gotten that bad in our society that we are preying on one another? Or has it always been this way and its only more obvious now because of the economic decline? Are we soo desperate for some form of fame that we will destroy each other.  If the world ends it will be by our own hands and i have a feeling before the big finale it will be online and the cheer of world star will be  deafening.  Much love world star 🙂


About areyoutoonedin

My name is Steven Anderson, no Mr Anderson jokes if you can help it. I live in Detroit Michigan and I like to share ideas and art. Im currently doing motion graphic and animation work for a marketing company and I do outside work pieces as well. My goal is to hopefully inspire and to just get new ideas flowing in the world. I might not reach everyone but the ones I reach are worth it.

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