You me and a desert island 1st sequence

Ive been meaning to do a dedication blog about some of my favorite movies. These are movies that I have seen over and over and I never get tired of them. I cant watch these movies with the sound off and I know every word. I think we all have those movies, and those movies are usually pretty interesting and might even offer a little more insight into the person. In the event that I am marooned on a desert island that soo happens to have electricity and electric outlets. Or stranded on some cold depressing planet that was abandoned a looonnnnggggg ass time ago, which also happens to have working electricity and electric outlets for my movie playing device.

Contact has a soft spot in my heart because Jodi Foster plays a character that I can identify with.  Its not the typical aliens movie where they come to earth and blow shit up.  Its more of a sophisticated and more realistic approach from the usual independence days and uhhh…what other alien movies are there worth watching?

shes okay to go dammit

This movie and a few others reminds me of time as a child, not going to church watching movies at my uncle Pete’s house.  Fact is I discovered porn there, it was called Little French Maids.  The thing I really love about the Robocop movies even the third one are the ads and news footage found throughout all of them.  It was as if they had two stories unfolding right in front of you.  Robocop 3 was terrible but if you look at how part 2 ended its exactly where the story was heading, maybe minus the robot ninja guy and the jett pack, and that british guy.

My all time favorite zombie movie. Tony Todd or TT cries and argues through the whole movie.  The feud between him and Cooper is amplifed because well its the 90s and you can cuss in movies now.  I like the original too but im not one of these people that thinks every movie in black  and white is a classic or is better than a remake.

Basquait is a movie I saw last year, however the artist Jeffery Wright soo brilliantly portrays I knew about for much longer.  Its honestly one of the best and accurate portrayals Iv’e ever seen one person do of another.  Michael Wincott was quite a character in this film and had some of the funniest lines.

Yes he does tell this man to suck his pussy.

Rocky 4 is actually the first Rocky movie I ever saw. This again goes back to being a heathen skipping church, this is how i discovered the powerhouse that is Dolph Lundgren.  He plays the invincible roid robot Ivan Drago that can hit you soo hard it sounds like a shot gun blew up a truck.  Vince Dicola created one hell of a soundtrack for this film and that and drago make this my favorite Rocky Movie.

Drago didn’t give a good god damn, he didn’t even want the water his trainers were trying to give him.  He may have lost the fight but he won the war because Rocky was brain damaged by part 5 and Drago probably went home and roided back up and forgot all about it.  Or maybe he let revenge consume him and his wife eventually left him.

my all time favorite hood movie.  Its not the typical hood movie where everyone’s selling drugs and shots are fired every other scene. It chronicles the lives and events of one particular day in Brooklyn, was that Brooklyn? anyways this movie contains a cast of very unique characters from Mookie thats just trying to get through the day, Radio Raheem whom wasn’t as fortunate and is very particular about his batteries and my personal favorite Da Mayor played by the late Ossie Davis

Im a big fan of the Hughes brothers and their work. they prove time and time again that as african american film makers you can make a quality film without loading it up with coonery.  An ability sir Tyler Perry does not have.  Dead presidents is by far my favorite film from the duo.  Its one of those movies that chronicles years of the characters lives (like a Forrest Gump type) and these are some dark lives.

My ex ordered this off of netflix one random night and I loved it instantly.  The entire movie is about the ultimate girlfriend basically.  Her boyfriend owes a lot of money to the wrong kind of people and has till some point in that day to pay up or night night for good.  So she does whatever she can to get him this money.  The interesting thing about this film is the fact that they show multiple outcomes of this situation, the last one being everything works out perfectly.

Im a huge Sci Fi fan and a Jeff Goldblum fan (who isn’t?) so you put the two together and its gold betch.  The thing that gets me everytime with this movie, what makes it soo good in my opinion is the slow transformation into the Brundle fly. The makeup effects on this film are incredible, you dont see stuff like that anymore. Now everything is cg which im not complaining about, its all part of advancement but I got a soft spot for the traditional methods.  He kinda ruined donuts for me for a while though, nasty ass.

Come on now, I don’t even need to explain this one.  Say Bitch be cool.

There are several things that make this the scariest movie ive ever seen. The music is a beast, to this day still some of the scariest music composed by one of my favorites Elliot Goldenthal. Zelda’s creepy ass didn’t help either, with her damn spine issue. She was clearly played by a man however that adds to the overall scariness of it. Pascow and his unnerving late night visits and Timmy Baterman. That guy and his laugh used to keep me up at night as a kid.

the scariest part about this is the fact that this is the point when he has gone completely off the deep end. Not sure what language this clip is in.

This trailer is soo horrible in every way, even for the 80s this is awful. However the movie as I’m sure we all know is excellent. They gave it just the right amount of grit and grime but managed to keep it entertaining for kids. However this is not a kids movie by any means which is why part 2 was soo horrible. I cant comment on 3 I never got around to seeing it because I had lost the faith by then
this recently became my favorite scene. I love how the shadow comes in first like some giant is approaching. The angle the lighting and the music are perfect. I never realized until now that Shredder and Tatsu were clearly fucking. Remember when shredder slapped the shit out of splinter and Tatsu was watching? After Shredder approached Tatsu and just starred at him, Tatsu closed his eyes in some kind of fear or whatever. He then went and beat the shit out of the entire foot clan in some kind of jealous fit. Not only were they pounding each other I think they were into the kink.

Every actor in this movie did the damn thing. They gave excellent performances, my favorite being Tommy Lee Jones.

Stay tooned for the 2nd sequence


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