Facebook characters

What facebook was and what it became. It used to be a way of connecting with new people and old friends. Today it has almost replaced real life. It’s almost like a fantasy online rpg. People sign up and create a character then they play out this character. Theres various classes for you to choose from. You can be a 1uper. This is someone thats always “grinding”24/7 they up getting it in as they say.  The way i sees it, the ones doing the most talking probably arent up to much. You can be a thirsty male.  This is someone that will go through a females pictures and comment and like all of them with the hopes of getting laid. Ladies…does this sort of attention get me anywhere with you? If I like all your pictures will you fuck me? Its a retorical question dont actually answer that. If you read this portion and got that cold feeling in your
stomach as you read it im talking to you. Where would thirsty males be without these thirsty females? (Btw thirsty is someone trying waaayyy too hard with someone they are interested in. Thirsty behavior usually ends with failed attempts to get laid and a loss of respect and self respect) They are different from the males in what they are thirsty for. The males are just hoping to get sex. The female on the other hand just wants the attention. So she takes random sexy pictures of herself in full makeup and will actually take the time to get dressed….to go nowhere but the bedroom of her place so she can take a “spontanious” picture of her standing sideways so you can see her ass, or that closeup shot where she squeezes the breasts together lol. It gets better, these pictures are then posted online on facebook.  The thirsty males converge on these pictures complimenting her feeding the hole thats obviously present in her confidence (after all why do it in the first place).  Funny thing is she never responds to these compliments. Well only if they sound like this “damn you sexy as hell”, then its a clean and dry “thankyou” and maybe a smiley face which is probably percieved as a sign of hope by the thirsty male. Pitty party throwers…ugh i dont like these people. These are people whos life sucks and will continue to suck because they are stuck on suck. Sometimes they will be soo sad about something and never actually tell you whats wrong. You might see something posted like “im done with everything :(“. Everyone starts asking “whats wrong?” And they dont respond. They  might say “inbox me i dont want to talk about it here”…… why did you bring it up? I see more women doing this one but there are the bitch men  out there that do it too. Facebook celebrities. These people make statuses every few minutes about whatever little clever or edgy thought popped into their heads and if one of these thoughts went unshared with the public..oh the world would just end. From the bottom of my heart please get over yourself.  What has facebook become? It’s become a tool that we use to get attention. It hasnt connected us its divided us even more. Its to the point where people are literally two different people and some dont know who the fuck they are.  Remove your life from facebook and bring it back to the world.


About areyoutoonedin

My name is Steven Anderson, no Mr Anderson jokes if you can help it. I live in Detroit Michigan and I like to share ideas and art. Im currently doing motion graphic and animation work for a marketing company and I do outside work pieces as well. My goal is to hopefully inspire and to just get new ideas flowing in the world. I might not reach everyone but the ones I reach are worth it.

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