The way we look at you

3D movies are happening more frequently due to the success of actual made for 3D films such as the avengers. Fact, I’m not a fan of 3D it hurts my eyes and I usually end up falling asleep, and I sleep great. However I give 3D the credit it deserves for advancing the way we view films.  It gives you a feeling depth from a 2 dimensional world. I think we are ready for another advancement.  Currently we sit in huge auditoriums in the dark starring directly in front of us. We do this for upwards of 2 and some change. Always looking forward, never blinking always looking forward lol.  I say let’s use the enitre auditorium space to show movies.  One of the reasons the video game industry is killing the film industry is because films have no interaction. The editor decides what you’re going to see and from what angle you’re going to see it at. Why not give your audience a compelling story and the option to feel as if you’re apart of it?  I want to be able to look to my left and see what would actually be to the left of me. I want to look up and see the roof being taken off by a tornado.  You would in a way film the movies in different layers. That’s some after effects photoshop mumbo jumbo but if you know what I’m saying you know what I’m saying.  Movies would take
longer to film and possibly cost more but think of how it would change not only the way we watch them but the way films are made in general.  That’s the first stage. Stage 2 happens years later in a more technoligically advanced future. This is when movies become holograms. You take one into a room with you and your friends and press the startup button. A scanning device emerges and scans the entire room and makes a record of the structure. The movie is then projected into the room itself fitting around it, and you watch within that projected world. 


About areyoutoonedin

My name is Steven Anderson, no Mr Anderson jokes if you can help it. I live in Detroit Michigan and I like to share ideas and art. Im currently doing motion graphic and animation work for a marketing company and I do outside work pieces as well. My goal is to hopefully inspire and to just get new ideas flowing in the world. I might not reach everyone but the ones I reach are worth it.

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