Its a topic that will usually end in yelling among the participants. Reason being because its more about being right than listening,understanding and accepting.  I’m talking about God and religion of course.  Ill start by saying that I do NOT believe in God, and if I did it would be nothing like what the bible and religion speaks of.  The god I would imagine is a more apathetic being towards us rather than the jealous, virgin inpregnating without asking (rape), vengeful, gay hating, rap lyric inspiring douche that its portrayed as. I say it because I refuse to label an idea like god with something soo human like gender.  The idea of god has been too humanized.  The god I would imagine would not care if you were gay or even if you killed anyone.  The concept of good and evil are man made concepts. Realistically its more like things you should do such as helping those in needs vs things you shouldn’t do such as raping anyone.  With that said our human concepts wouldn’t interfere with gods devine judgement, if there was any. A being of that power wouldn’t care what you did because it would be soo beyond our petty human errors.  So how could you offend something like that enough to send you somewhere for torement for eternity or reward you? I just really don’t think god would care either way. So that’s the god I would imagine but I don’t believe in that one either.  Where did we come from? The earth did it, and why not? The earth created every other species on this planet.  I believe in evolution, its easy if you look close enough.


About areyoutoonedin

My name is Steven Anderson, no Mr Anderson jokes if you can help it. I live in Detroit Michigan and I like to share ideas and art. Im currently doing motion graphic and animation work for a marketing company and I do outside work pieces as well. My goal is to hopefully inspire and to just get new ideas flowing in the world. I might not reach everyone but the ones I reach are worth it.

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