Not my cup of tea god dammit

The God issue has been topic of heated discussion for long time now, luckily our society will eventually reach a point where all this talk is forgotten and we go back to not knowing where we came from.  Even the big bang will be gone by this time. In the mean time I thought maybe we could rethink what god is if this belief is to carry on.  What people think of as god is all wrong in my opinion.  I’m not saying this force isn’t present I’m simply suggesting that you rethink your perception and keep a open mind to what i am about to share. I am not presenting this information as fact, merely an idea.  One thing the bible and the big bang theory have in common is the belief that before all this there was nothing. A empty void of darkness with no shape or form. So in any event both sides can agree on one thing, darkness was here before anything. It is the beginning and end of every living thing on this planet.  Everything that lives begins and ends the span of its existence in darkness, or the alpha and omega if you want to go there.  We now know that the universe is made up of mostly dark matter and dark energy (the space between the starts that we think is nothingness)  and this energy has physical properties. Its dense enough to push the galaxies away from each other which it is currently doing.  Darkness is far from being jut unlit areas and I don’t think its just empty space either. When I think about all the cats and dogs Ive seen in my life interacting with something unseen by my eyes i cant help but feel there is more to darkness than the nothing we can see. Something that doesn’t reflect light, like dark matter and energy, but something we cant see straight on because of our limited visual range.  We might catch glimpses of them out the corners of our eyes or even see them briefly as specters or ghosts or demons etc.  What if these are just people from the original source energy void of darkness, the cosmic energy or god…whatever you want to call it.  I’m not talking about a conscious being that wrote a book, had a son, kicked his son out to be killed, brought him home and is currently planning to destroy us all for his own negligence. I’m talking about a source of energy that randomly with no thought behind it because it has no thoughts to give created existence maybe due to a surge of this energy.  I am currently a atheist, i say currently because I think a LOT and i am very likely to have a conversation with myself that will end in my entire belief system changing. I try to have these conversations at least once a day.  Since 2011 Ive been having a surge of internal conversations with myself and now realizing that Ive been this way my entire life to this point. Ive lived in my head more than I do here and it gives you time to think.  When I really sat and thought about it, Ive never believed in a god or anything the bible says about god and Jesus and the events that took place in it. I believe the bibles and religions are meant to confuse the masses and keep them in the dark of what god could be and whom we are as a species but that’s another blog.  These institutions have made the idea of god soo morally fucked up, like a lot of us humans.  Why bring him/her/it down to our level if you’re just going to turn this being into such a douche.  I always figured this being would be the very best of humanity and even transcend it.  We should aspire to mentally grow into god.  But no he is depicted as a slavery promoting, gay hating, dead beat dad. I also thought of god as powerless in a way. If you’re someone that created time and existence in general you would be powerless to interfere with any of it.  Dr Manhattan from watchmen is a good example of how I believe a conscious god would behave and view the world. For him the past present and future were happening simultaneously, preventing him from taking action in such events as the Kennedy assassination.  So basically if you were dying of cancer and you prayed to god for help he/she/it couldn’t help you because to it your outcome has already occurred, in fact the outcome of the entire universe has already occurred to this being.  Something with that much on its mind probably doesn’t have a set of rules it wants to follow or a son out there in sandals.  The way i see it what would make us soo special in the eyes of this being? Of all the living organisms in the universe and possible multiverse what would make us soo special in the mind of something with a power of that magnitude that it would take the time to write a book for us dictating how we should live our lives.  And if you don’t obey such instructions you get sent to a place loaded with all things bad, owned and managed by  a guy god doesn’t fuck with anymore.  I’m not saying go murder your neighbors wife after you fuck her and steal her favorite lamp, I’m saying that i believe a conscious god probably wouldn’t care or be able to care.  Not enough for a permanent after life screw job such as hell.  Don’t get the wrong idea about me, there are things that are morally wrong and justice in some form or another should be served.  Killing anyone unjustly or preying on the weak, young, old gay whatever is all wrong, but we as a people decided these actions were wrong and not some deity.  I do not believe in a conscious creator, i see our existence as a happy accident that isn’t working out too good in our favor currently.  I hope we can get past these backwoods superstitions about boogeymen above and below us and tune into that cosmic energy we can all hear buzzing in our ears when the room gets too quiet.  I have a lot more I could go into on this topic and I will in another blog. The goal of this isnt to offend anyone nor trying to convert anyone.  However is this idea is to stick around all I ask is that you rethink your perception of it and by doing so you change your perception on everything and it will probably be for the better.


About areyoutoonedin

My name is Steven Anderson, no Mr Anderson jokes if you can help it. I live in Detroit Michigan and I like to share ideas and art. Im currently doing motion graphic and animation work for a marketing company and I do outside work pieces as well. My goal is to hopefully inspire and to just get new ideas flowing in the world. I might not reach everyone but the ones I reach are worth it.

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